Durham University Cafe

Working in-conjunction with Vision Commercial Catering, the brief was to re-design the food counters which served the main dining room in Durham University. The project was of a sensitive nature due to the fact that the original kitchen had a listed interior

original brick and stone chimney in existence within the main kitchen space. The kitchen was to be completely re-fitted with new catering equipment and fully refurbished. Our work involved completely surveying the existing rooms to record all existing features. Vison Catering were responsible for the design and layout of the catering equipment, the serving space was to be designed with new counters to assist with the ease and flow of students through the survey area.

Bright new modern red counters with a circular flow and Corian worktops were agreed upon as the best solution and layout, with decorative wall boarding to the perimeter walls giving a modern twist to a traditional building.

Andrew Farr completed this work at DWA Architects of York

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